San Mateo County Walks

(Short walks are 0-3 mi., mediums are 3-5 mi. and long walks are 7 + mi..)

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Ano Nuevo State Park Short, coast, views, children, history
The Other Side of Ano Nuevo Short Walk/History Walk/Children Friendly. A Beach and Bluff Walk
The Quiet Side Coastal bluff, tidepools, short, children ok, no dogs
Bair Island Short, bay, views, dogs, children friendly
Bay Trail A Bayside Sunrise Walk Short, easy, good for dogs, good for children, strollers, bicycles allowed, bay views
Redwood Shores to Redwood City

A short walk along Hwy 101, connecting Redwood Shores to Bair Island. Dogs OK/Bikes OK

Bayfront Park Short, bay, views, dogs, children, history

Butano State Park

Short, moderate, no dogs, redwood forest
Walking the Dog at Butano Medium, dog friendly, children friendly
Fire Trail Loop Description: A long walk on a fire road that features good views.
Burleigh Murray Medium, valley, children friendly, history
Coal Creek Open Space Preserve Short, views, meadow and forest, dog friendly
A Short Loop on Crazy Pete Latest Update Short,  A walk that offers good views of the South Bay from an historic wagon road
Constanoa Ohlone Ridge Lookout Short, moderate, benches for lunch
Coyote Point Recreational Area The Bay Trail Short, museum, bay views, children ok
Eaton-Big Canyon Trail Medium, forest, valley, view, dogs

Edgewood County Park

Medium, forest, grassland, view, wildflowers
Take Time for a Wildflower Walk Short, wildflowers, views, no dogs.
The Katie M. Wuttke Bench A short walk to the Katie M. Wuttke Bench. Good views and beautiful flowers in spring
El Corte De .Madera Open Space Preserve Long, forest, 1600' elevation loss
Rocks, Trees, Sky, Sea Medium, views, tafoni rock formations, children ok
The Northern Loop Medium length w/ forest, valleys, streams, and history
The Methusaleh Trail Long walk w/ forests, streams, and unique trees
A Visit to Tafoni plus a Panorama Medium length w/ forests, views, children freindly
On the Trail to an Old Growth Redwood Medium length w/ forests and unique trees
The Resolution Trail Medium, good veiws, site of DC-6 airplane crash
The Steam Donkey Loop Short/Strenuous/Sawmills/A good workout through an old lumber area.
Northern Loop to San Gregorio Basin Long, Strenuous, Deep Canyons and Lively Streams with two sawmills on the way
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve County Park Short, coast, view, sunset, children, tidepools
Half Moon Bay Short, med. and long, coast, sunset, dogs, children
Sheep Camp Trail Short, grandpa, rainy day
Halmark Park, City of Belmont Cross-Country Running Course Short- A great workout walk on a cross-country running path
Huddart County Park Medium, forest, seasonal stream
Benches and Other Great Places for Lunch Medium, children, forest views
A Sampling of Two Plant Communities Short, ridgeline, redwoods
Our Annual Hike to King's Mountain Fair Long, forest, Labor Day fair
A Walk on the Cool Side Short, stream, canyon
McGarvey Flat Medium, Moderate hike with Redwoods
The Grand Huddart Loop Medium walk through the forest
Junipero Serra County Park Great views, great oaks, good for children, no dogs
The Quail Loop Trail Short, giant Coast Live Oaks, views, wildflowers
La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve
Long Ridge Open Space Preserve Medium, with grassland, wildflowers and sunset
Sandstone Outcroppings and Unlimited Views A short walk to splendid views of the Pacific Ocean. Good for spring wildflowers.
Walking the Dog at Long Ridge An easy, short, dog freindly walk
McNee State Park Unavailable
Mills Canyon Nature Area Short, stream, views, good for older children
Montara State Beach Walking the Dog at Montara Mountain Long 7.5 miles, strenuous, dogs allowed, nice views
Pescadero Creek County Park A Loop Hike to Portola Redwoods State Park Long views from the ridge to deep redwood canyons. Ideal during winter months.
Medium, views, deep forest, no dogs
Hike to an Old Shingle Mill Medium/Moderate/Historic site/Deep redwood forest/Introduction to wild pigs.
Challenge Hike to Butano Ridge A long hike from streamside to ridge top. Good for redwoods.
The Tarwater Loop Trail Medium/Sawmills: From a grassy hillside to a deep redwood canyon.
Pescadero Marsh County Preserve Three Short Trails into the Marsh Short, coastal walk, children ok, dogs ok on beach only, bird watching
Hike to an Old Shingle Mill Medium/Moderate/Historic site/Deep redwood forest/Introduction to wild pigs.
Phleger Estate The Crown Jewel of Penninsula Parks Long, forest, streams, history
A Stroll along West Union Creek Short, stream walk, children ok
Deep Forest and Rushing Water Long, forest, streams
Quiet Time on the Lonely Trail Short walk to a picnic bench, deep forest, no dogs, moderate
A Walk through a National Parkland Long hike through dense forest, along West Union Creek to Skyline Ridge.
The Miramontes-Raymundo Loop Medium, Strenuous, Sawmills
Portola Valley (town of) Old Spanish Trail and Coal Mine Ridge Medium walk to ridgeline. Good views of South Bay/wildflowers in spring/giant coast live oak/no dogs
The Larry Lane Trail Short, Benches & Lunches, dogs ok, children friendly,
Toyon Trail on Coal Mine Ridge Short walk, dog walk, Benches & Lunches
Portola State Park Long, forest, ridge, view, streams/lakes, trees
A Pleasant Day in the Redwoods Medium, stream, waterfall, redwoods, no dogs

A Challenging Hike to Beautiful Redwoods

Up Slate Creek Trail to Page Mill Medium, Strenuous, Sawmills, Benches and Lunches
Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve Walking the Dog at Pulgas Ridge Short, forest, ridge, view, dogs, wildflowers
A healthy place Short, forest, ridge, view, dogs, wildflowers
Purisima Open Space Preserve Two Short Hikes from one Trailhead Short, forest, benches and lunches, easy walk
Big Trees - Long Views Short walk through the redwood forest/children friendly
Purisma Grand Loop Long, views, forest, stream, no dogs.
A Forest Walk with Great Views Long, forest, ridge, views
Harkins Short, ridge, sunset
A Sunset Hike  
Hiking at its Best Long, forest, ridge, stream/lake
A Hike for All Ages Short, forest, ridge, unique trees, children friendly
Many Shades of Green Medium, forest, valley, stream/lake
Autumn Color in your Backyard Long, forest, valley, stream/lake
Forget-Me-Not Hike Long, forest, valley, stream/lake
A Good Workout for the New Year Medium walk/Strenuous/ Views
Purisma Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve Redwood Trail Short, grandpa walks, easy, benches and lunches
Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve The Ancient Oaks Trail Medium, views, wildflowers
Our "Movable Feast" on the Ridge Short length, children-friendly, good views, no dogs, a fine place to dine.
Mindego Ridge Trail Medium length hike from Skyline Ridge to base of Mindego Hill. Good for ancient oaks, great views and wildflowers. No dogs.
Thanksgiving Feast on the Ridge Short, Lunches and Benches
The Best of View and Spring Flowers Short walk/Easy walk/Benches and Lunches
Ravenswood Open Space Preserve

Short, easy, bay views, shorebirds, accessible,no dogs - Good for children.

Sam McDonald Memorial County Park
SamTrans Trail Short, bay, dogs, children
San Carlos A Short- Very Short Walk on the Bay Trail Short, bay view, Grandpa walks
Walking the Dog at Big Canyon Park Short Walk/Dog Walk/Moderate Walk/Children-Friendly/Grandpa Walk
San Juan Canyon Hiking the San Juan Canyon Short, medium, dogs ok, children friendly, views
San Pedro Valley County Park Medium, creeks, wildlife, views
A Loop Trail to Brooks Falls Short, medium, good views
San Bruno Mountain Park Summit Trail Medium, view, sunset, wildflowers
Saddle Trail Short, ridge, view, children, wildflowers
San Bruno Mountain from Top to Bottom Short, Lunches and Benches, good for children/ views
Summit Loop Medium walk with good views and wildflowers in spring
Sawyer Camp Trail "The ultimate rainy day walk" Long, forest, valley. Asphault trail...No Mud!!
Sawyer Camp Trail Celebrate Spring Short,Long, children, lake views, paved trail
Skyline Trail Long, forest, ridge, view
Skyline Ridge Open Space District Horseshoe Lake and Lambert Creek Shorter walk with stream and forest views
Old Page Mill Trail Medium walk with forest and valley views
The Ridge Trail Shorter walk with grassland and sunset views
Ridge Walkers Paradise Short, lake, views, children
A 20-Mile Hike through the South Skyline Region Long, through 7-preserves, views, stream, earthquake features
Stulstaft Park Just a Walk in the Park Short, Creek, Good for children, Dogs OK, Benches and Lunches
Sun Micro Trail Short, bay, dogs, children
Sweeney Ridge, GGNRA Medium, views
Forever Views Long walk with good history/ Benches and Lunches
Thornewood Open Space Preserve Short, lake, dogs, children
A Short Hike to Schilling Lake and Dennis Martin Creek Short, Sawmills, Benches and Lunches, Children Friendly, dogs on leash redwoods, lake
Water Dog Lake Short, lake, dogs, views
Water Dog Lake Loop Medium, dogs, views
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Down Low on Windy Hill Dog-friendly/short/easy/
On a Clear Day Short walk with forest and grassland views
Lose Yourself on the Lost Trail Medium walk with forest views
A Mountain Meadow with Spring Wildflowers Short, dogs, good for benches and lunches
Walking the Dog at Windy Hill

Long, strenuous, don-friendly, views, forest

Wunderlich County Park A Mountainside Retreat Medium hike, forest views
Down to the Crossroads A walk through a forest of second-growth redwoods, passing by a resevoir boilt by folger for his estate.
A Loop Hike to Salamander Lake Medium hike, forest and stream views

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